Thursday, 14 April 2016

Internet of Everything now for Everybody

                             Always on Internet of Everything now!

          There can be few people who cannot have read about IOT nowadays, an fewer who are not aware of the disruption it is causing in our everydays life. The purpose of this blog and next ones wants to become an speaker of human part about all these new techonologies, and how they affect, for good or bad, our way of living. Arguably to some extent it can be noted that all about disruption will cause benefits for everyone. ......Yet some citizens feel sick and tired about these new inventions. 
What IOT can do for you now!! 

1. Your Health always monitored to you.
2. Smart cities deeply renewed now.
3. Wereables conveying your data!  

Is the IOT myth or reality?
         And if it is reality, what impact is it likely to have on our everyday lives? And why does business automation hold the key to IoT success in your organization?
It’s time to find out. It is our interest providing knowledge of innovations of IOT to all of us, and its role on society. Many years of experience on topics alike have given to us a large amount of issues to be discussed and their real impact on our standard activities.                              All in all, our projects to accomodate updated RDBS to a thousand of companies, did lead us to think about not only on technological keys, but also about the way users and involved persons reacted to them. 
IoT is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). This includes everything from cell phones and coffee makers, to wearable devices and, of course, fridges. The IoT also applies to components of machines, for example a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. Analysts estimate there will be almost 30 billion of these connected devices by 2020. It seems fantastic indeed, machines working for us with no need to give them correct orders. 
         Yet I would like to consider some human factors to be taken into acount. Wont it drive us to no communication state? who is going to thank you for any kind of labour comitted, or favor done to a neighboor? I think these type of innovation somehow will settle down us isolated, separated each other. But it is not the unique con, I daresay. Let us read more examples. 
Make no mistake, the IoT is happening now. And if you want to land and expand your IoT strategy, you need business automation. This enables you to automate all the IT processes associated with the IoT—provision, deploy and process. You don’t need to code anything.  As we see it now there is no scape for anyone.
 However, as we have been informed, no health studies have been performed in order to check the impact of these sensors in human body. Will it affect some way to high sensitive people? Will there be any remedy for the effects caused? all of this seem to be cautious according to our thoughts. We guess health authorities will have something to discuss about this topic.

1- Health advances with IOT: Specialized sensors are equipping living spaces to monitor the health and general well-being of senior citizens, while also ensuring that proper treatment is being administered and assisting people regain lost mobility via therapy. Amazing indeed. All relatives will feel more confident and assured of the well being of their old parents. Great invention. Albeit will cause a leeway to not be in contact with them? Do not forget loneliness will cause you illness whether not corrected. Our Company awaits for this innovation not to became an forget-me tool for not caring relations. 
2-Robot cities for happy citizens: There are many examples of this. In in Singapore, city authorities are testing smart systems for managing parking and waste disposal to adjust to daily and weekly patterns. Awesome absolutely. All of us hope new jobs for people who inevitably will be made redundant when these systems are set in. Has the main council thought about this issue?
3-Wereables transmitting information: high fashion brands streams athletic performance biometrics like heart rate, movement intensity and energy output to the cloud. Integrate with other wearables like FitBit, to receive a unified experience of your athletic performance. All of this seems to be a posiitve advantage no doubt. Hence these tech discoveries will enrich the user of the garment? Maybe a discount-would be applied to the buyer once the clothing is purchased?. All in all, more clothes are going to be sold so.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Social Web Marketing Specialization: Twice in a Blue Moonmarket

Social Web Marketing Specialization: Twice in a Blue Moonmarket: The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes: - A real change in all of us lives. - New concept of c...

Twice in a Blue Moonmarket

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The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes:

- A real change in all of us lives.
- New concept of conveying / getting data.
- Not all Companies able to cath up with it.